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There are many resources from which to choose when searching for free pregnancy information. At Choices, we can be a resource of information for women who are pregnant and are searching for information about their pregnancy. To speak to someone on our team regarding your pregnancy choices, please contact us today.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Pregnancy symptoms vary from female to female and even from pregnancy to pregnancy with the same female. There are, however, common symptoms.  These include:

  • Nausea (morning sickness)
  • Fatique
  • Missed period
  • Tender breasts
  • Frequent urination
  • Lower backaches

If you are experiencing any of the common symptoms listed above, you may be pregnant. We provide no cost pregnancy tests for those that think they are pregnant.

Pregnancy by Trimester
Your body goes through a myriad of changes while you are pregnant. Your unborn child is growing and developing inside you just as she would outside of you. Starting at conception, your unborn baby is developing. Below is an overview of each trimester of your pregnancy.

  • First Trimester – Every woman’s pregnancy experience is different in terms of symptoms, but the development of the unborn child remains pretty much the same for every baby. For mommy, the first trimester is a time of significant change to your body. You begin to experience pregnancy symptoms (see above) which are all part of the process that is happening inside you – A baby is growing!

    For the baby, organs begin taking shape and the baby will start to move around by week 8 of the pregnancy. The baby will also start to develop hair follicles and nail beds. Other important developments with the baby during this time include the formation of muscles, the production of white blood cells and the vocal cords begin to develop.

    One of the most exciting times during the first trimester for the mommy is having a routine ultrasound.  Your baby has a long way to go before being brought into the world, but it is indeed living inside you! Learn more about what to expect during your first trimester.
  • Second Trimester – As an expectant mom, you can usually feel little kicks and jabs coming from your unborn child in the second trimester. Not only does the movement increase, but other physical traits are developing as well. Your child is now able to suck and swallow on her own. She can even yawn and hiccup during this time of development. Hair, ears and eyes are beginning to move into their correct position and can sometimes be seen with an ultrasound. Your baby usually gains a significant amount of weight during this time with the second trimester, concluding with a baby weighing in at close to two pounds.

    The second trimester for most moms typically means less nausea and improved energy. How exciting! Your baby bump will become more pronounced and lower back pain may become a little more frequent. Other symptoms of your pregnancy will persist including congestion, swollen ankles and feet and even increased appetite. What a combination!

    A second ultrasound is usually scheduled during this time (between weeks 18-22). This will give your doctor an opportunity to measure the baby, check all of the organs that are developing, and even be able to identify the gender of the baby. Learn more about what to expect during your second trimester.
  • Third Trimester – The home stretch! Believe it or not, your belly can get bigger. This is all normal during the third trimester. For your baby, she will begin getting signals from all five senses (hearing, tasting, touching, seeing, and smelling) and will increase in size significantly. You can expect growth in the range of 19-22 inches long and from 6-9 lbs. Your baby has come a long way since the first trimester! Week 40 is the official end of your pregnancy – even if you haven’t delivered (any day now!)

No Cost Pregnancy Services
Choices is ready to help you answer your questions when it comes to your pregnancy. If you are looking for unplanned pregnancy support or simply have questions about what you can expect on a week to week basis with your pregnancy, we are here. Contact us today and let us provide you with our no cost pregnancy services.

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