No Cost Pregnancy Tests

Choices provides no cost, confidential pregnancy tests (urine test). We understand that the feeling a woman can have for being unsure about a potential pregnancy can lead to anxiety and fear. At Choices, we want to help put those feelings at ease by offering no cost pregnancy tests.

Accurate Pregnancy Tests
It is important to find out for certain if you are pregnant. The women who walk through our doors are often looking for answers or confirmation about their pregnancy. Once it has been determined you are pregnant, we offer free pregnancy support and guidance for you and your unborn baby. Beyond our no cost pregnancy test, which provides same-day results, we offer a number of other services. These include:

Why North Georgia
Many of our staff and volunteers have grown up in Gainesville and the surrounding North Georgia area. Simply put, we love our community and we want to serve it to our fullest. The services we provide our designed to help both women and men going through a time in their lives that are full of uncertainty and doubt. We want to be a resource for anyone that may have questions about their pregnancy and the decisions they need to make that will affect them and their unborn baby for the rest of their lives.

Pregnancy Tests and Beyond
Although many come to us for our pregnancy test, most choose to come back during their pregnancy for support and guidance. Caring for an unborn child is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly, and we want to provide the very best support for women that are looking for answers during and after their pregnancy.

For more information about the pregnancy test services we offer, we invite you to stop in and see us in either office: Downtown Gainesville or Flowery Branch, Georgia.  We also encourage you to give us a call today at (770) 535-1245 to learn more about all of the no cost services we provide.

Please call our 24 Hour Helpline: 770-535-1245.