Rapid HIV Tests

Choices offers discounted rapid tests for HIV at both our Gainesville and Flowery Branch locations. These tests are fast! All rapid tests are performed by our qualified nurses. It is a qualified, accurate test format that helps those who are seeking immediate answers.

Rapid HIV Testing

The rapid HIV test involves a blood test through finger prick. We have the results ready within 10 minutes. Once results are presented to our patients, we offer immediate support and assistance by referring them to a doctor who can further treat the HIV.

The only way to know that you have HIV is to get tested, so we highly recommend this type of rapid and accurate testing.

Other STD Tests Provided

Along with HIV testing, Choices can conduct tests for 4 other STDs. For these tests we usually receive the results within a few days and depending on the results we can prescribe medication or refer you to a doctor.

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Choices offers STD testing in Flowery Branch and Gainesville. Call today to schedule an appointment or stop by on Tuesday or Thursday.

For more information on our HIV tests please contact us today!

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