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Choices Pregnancy Care Center offers free ultrasound services for women in need. Our new ultrasound machine will show a clear and accurate picture to verify that you have a viable pregnancy. With two locations in North Georgia, we are able to conveniently serve those looking for free ultrasounds in areas such as Gainesville, Oakwood, Flowery Branch and the surrounding area. Regardless of where you live, our doors are open to both women and men who are looking for answers pertaining to their pregnancy and other related matters.

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Common Questions

For nearly 30 years, Choices Pregnancy has served the North Georgia area. During this time, we receive a lot of common questions from the men and women that come through our doors. Once it is known that our services are free, we often start receiving a number of questions about the services we provide, such as our free ultrasounds, free STD tests and free Pregnancy Tests. Below are the most common questions we receive from those wanting to learn more about our ultrasound services.

1. What is an ultrasound?
Ultrasound exams use high frequency sound waves to look inside a woman’s body. Because the sound is such at a high frequency, it cannot be heard with the human ear. These sound waves are important however because they are directed at the internal body from a small vibrating crystal in a hand-held scanner called a “transducer." The scanner reflects the sound (echoes) to create an image. The ultrasound is sought after by expectant moms and dads looking to get a glimpse of their unborn baby, and it helps medical professionals identify any potential abnormalities in the pregnancy.

2. Does ultrasound cause any damage?
There have been countless investigations by numerous research groups to identify any harm ultrasound may cause, yet there has never been any evidence to support that it causes harm to either the baby or to the mother.

3. How many ultrasounds can I receive?
At Choices Pregnancy Care Center, we provide ultrasound services to expectant mothers. Contact us today to learn more about our limitations.

4. Why is ultrasound used during a pregnancy?
There are many reasons ultrasound is used including:

Where can I get a free ultrasound?
Choices Pregnancy offers two convenient locations for those searching for free ultrasound services. Stop in today to either our Gainesville or Flowery Branch (South Hall) location to learn more about the pregnancy services we provide or simply call us today at (770) 535-1245 to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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