Low Cost STI tests (non-pregnancy)

Choices offers many of the CDC recommended STI tests.  We can prescribe prescriptions for the those STIs that are easy to treat. You will receive compassionate advice and quick results. 

Choices STI Test Costs

STI Test Cost
Non-pregnancy test panel: 
(Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Quick HIV)
Trichomoniasis +$20
Hepatitis B&C +$20

Please bring exact cash payment for your test costs;  we are not able to give change back to you.

STI Testing Process:

The Choices medical team will assess your symptoms and offer the non-pregnancy STI test panel.

The test charges include:

  • An initial appointment to discuss your symptoms and perform the recommended test(s).
  • Result verification from your urine or quick HIV test.
  • Laboratory analysis from your blood tests.
  • Communication of your results within a week
  • Medication prescribed through your pharmicist, if needed

You can schedule a followup appointment to talk about your results or to take a re-test if recommended by our medical staff.

Though treatment of the most common STIs will likely resolve your symptoms, you may also request further testing for less common (but becoming more prevalent) STIs.


Refer to FAQs: STI testing for more information.