Free Ultrasound

Choices invites men and women of all ages to take advantage of our pregnancy health services including free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and STI tests. Our ultrasound services are provided at no cost to you and can verify a viable pregnancy. In addition, an early ultrasound:

  • helps determine the baby’s due date
  • determines the baby’s size
  • verifies that your pregnancy is where it should be (intrauterine vs. ectopic)
  • verifies the number of babies you are carrying

We have recently added transvaginal ultrasounds, which allow all of the above to be seen earlier and more clearly.

Ultrasound FAQs

Below are the most common questions we receive from those wanting to learn more about our ultrasound services.

What is an ultrasound?

Ultrasound exams use high frequency sound waves to look inside a woman’s body. Because the sound is such at a high frequency, it cannot be heard with the human ear. These sound waves are directed at the internal body from a small vibrating crystal in a hand-held scanner called a “transducer.” The scanner reflects the sound (echoes) to create an image. The ultrasound is sought after by expectant moms and dads looking to get a glimpse of their baby, and it helps medical professionals identify any potential abnormalities in the pregnancy.

Does ultrasound cause any damage?

There have been countless investigations by numerous research groups to identify any harm ultrasound may cause, yet there has never been any evidence to support that it causes harm to either the baby or to the mother.

How many ultrasounds can I receive?
At Choices, we provide ultrasound services to expectant mothers. Contact us today to learn more about our limitations.
Will Choices offer an ultrasound later in my pregnancy?

There are many reasons ultrasound is used later in pregnancy, usually to see if the pregnancy is continuing normally and to check the baby’s health and prognosis.  Choices’ typically doesn’t offer an ultrasound after 12 weeks.

Can I get an ultrasound at either Choices' location?
Yes!  Choices has a Sonographer working at least one day a week at each of our locations: Gainesville or Flowery Branch . Call us today at (770) 535-1245 to make an ultrasound appointment at the location of your choice.

We are here to help — You are never alone.