Free STI testing for Pregnant Moms

The Centers for Disease Control says that testing and treating pregnant women for STIs is a vital way to prevent serious health complications to both mother and baby that may otherwise happen with infection. The sooner you begin receiving medical care during pregnancy, the better the health outcomes will be for you and your unborn baby.

STI Testing During Pregnancy

Choices provides the recommended STI tests to pregnant moms free of charge, early in pregnancy.

  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (plus Trichomoniasis tests if symptomatic) are performed with a urine sample. If you are positive for Chlamydia or Trichomoniasis and less than 12 weeks pregnant, a prescription for the antibiotic will be called into your pharmacy.  If you are positive for Gonorrhea or more than 12 weeks pregnant, Choices can refer you to your private physician or to the Health Department for treatment.
  • Syphilis (plus Hepatitis B&C if symptomatic) are tested through a blood draw. Samples taken from this test are sent to a laboratory located in Texas. We receive the results confidentially and will provide you with the outcome of the test. If positive, you will be referred to your private physician or the Health Department.
  • HIV, the test is performed by finger prick or blood draw. The rapid HIV test will give you results in 10 minutes at your initial appointment. HIV does require ongoing treatment, we will schedule your appointment with the Health Department or with your private physician.

As a pregnant mom, it is important to understand how to protect yourself and your baby from STIs during your pregnancy. If you are diagnosed with an STI while pregnant, your sex partner(s) should also be tested and treated.

For more information from the CDC about STI testing for pregnant moms, refer to:

How can STIs affect me and my unborn baby?

STIs can complicate your pregnancy and may have serious effects on both you and your developing baby. Some of these problems may be seen at birth; others may not be discovered until months or years later. In addition, it is well known that infection with an STI can make it easier for a person to get infected with HIV. Most of these problems can be prevented if you have tests for STIs early in pregnancy and repeated close to delivery, if needed.

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