My Baby Counts Earn While You Learn Program

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test (from us, or with proof of pregnancy), you may sign up for our "My Baby Counts" (Earn While You Learn) program . You choose the educational DVDs to watch that will:

  • teach you about your baby's development
  • share valuable tips for parenting
  • help you with life skills (making/keeping a budget, finding an apartment, etc.)
  • provide nutritional and medical helps for you and your child.

Each DVD has a point value that you can use to purchase baby items of your choice. The items are typically new and subject to availability.  

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who has received postive proof of pregnancy may join My Baby Counts. You may also participate in the program later in your pregnancy or after your baby is born. The program ends when your child is about 18 months old.  Couples are welcomed to watch videos together, earn double points and more quickly earn and purchase the necessities for their new baby.


Join My Baby Counts